The Eight Cow Woman

Mahesh Chavda tells a story about a woman who lived in a village in India. The woman was very plain to most, having nothing distinguishable or desirable about her to anyone in her village. Her father knew that the most anyone had ever gotten for a daughter in the village was three cows so he thought that maybe, if he was lucky, he’d get one for his plain daughter.

One day a wealthy dignitary came to the village and saw the woman and thought that she was absolutely breathtaking. He offered her father eight cows in exchange for the girl. The father accepted and off she went to live in a palace with her new husband. A year or so later the woman came back and not one person recognized her, for she was now stunningly beautiful.

The Falkners told us this story in marriage counseling. They explained to Jesse if he made me feel like I was the most beautiful woman in the world it would have a lasting affect on my demeanor, my appearance and my character.

I was reminded of this the other day when we were in Weston and a little girl, no more than three looked up at me while we were in this shop and said “Look mommy, a pretty girl!” The mother said “A pretty girl?” the mom said “Yep, I want to look just like her some day.” I was embarassed, but it made me think of the eight cow woman. It made me think of how every single day my husband tells me that I am beautiful on multiple occassions. He makes me feel loved and valued and like there is nothing in the world that means more to him. Since he’s done this there is rarely a week that goes by that one of my cashiers or just a friend doesn’t tell me how beautiful I am.

At first it was super weird and really awkward, but as time has gone by something crazy has happened, I’ve started to beleive it. I’m not all that bothered by a zit or a bad hairday because my husband tells me, no matter what I look like that I am beautiful. I look at pictures of myself from before we met and truly my appearance is different (not just my hair). I don’t look harsh or hard, I look dare I even say approachable. I am now the girl the little girl wants to look like as opposed to the girl that the little girl is rightfully afraid of. My character has been built in untold ways just in nine months, my countenance has improved and really I’m just a nicer person and a little more whole on the inside.

It makes me think of Jesus. It makes me think of the way he speaks of us with all of our spots and wrinkles He continually tells us how much He loves us and how beautiful we are to Him. It is this very thing that produces obedience in us. He likes us, He wants us to be with Him and therefore His words are always kind whether they be chastisement or encouragement. No where in the Bible is there a command for a wife to love her husband, not one time, but Husbands are commanded to love their wives. It is in this reality in God that we see so clearly illustrated His desire for voluntary lovers. I love God because He loves me, it could never be the other way around. If He chose to be stoic there would be nothing that I could do to get God’s attention ever, He’s God. But, because He chose me and He wants me to love Him it’s easy, just a yes, just a heart response, just a choice for righteoussness and I can say that today I loved Him back, not because He commanded me to, but because I can’t resist His love.


~ by skoobiandmister on March 21, 2007.

5 Responses to “The Eight Cow Woman”

  1. You *are* beautiful! And I know I’ve wanted to say that almost every time I think of you since I saw you last summer. Happiness oozes from your skin. Love radiates from your smile. Contentment is in the way you walk. You blessed darling. It fills my own cup knowing how happy you are…though I certainly have an overflowing cup already. (((hugs)))

  2. oh…that was great. I remember in pre marital counseling in the middle of a story Bob would turn to Becky and be like, “you are so beautiful.” And she would laugh and be like,”ok, Bob just get back to the story…”And he would say,”But its just so hard when you are so beautiful…” It was so impactful! This was a wonderful post, I also think you are very beautiful!

  3. Super funny, today this adorable little girl, comprable to the little girl in Weston looked at me with a crinkled little face and exclaimed “Your hair is weird!” I giggled to myself and rounded the corner into the bookstore.

  4. *Blush* Thanks Amy, you really mean allot to me.

    Caroline I could never thank you enough for recommeding the Falkners. Their advice was SO good! I felt so at peace because they never once said anything negative about eachother and they just loved us well and encouraged us in such a way that we truly felt like we could do this thing and dang-it we could do it well. So thank you so much for that.

  5. My goodness, that was beutiful, I feel that god has been giving me many signs, they hurt, but in turn, I had recently realised what the messages meant and now I wish to thank him, I am creating a video (sort of like a time-line) in hopes that I can get back into the heart of a lover who was torn from me because of family issues… Romeo and Juliet *blushes*
    I have always wanted to become strong with god, like my lover, however, I am not sure if I have accepted jesus into my life…
    I think the purpose of me stumbling into your website was God trying to show me the things that I loved and had nearly forgotten
    Although you may not realise it, you have just renwed some things in me that I thought to be lost: love, faith, and most importantly, hope, so I dearly wish to thank you and also to thank god for showing me here

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